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Finding a Safe Harbor at Care New England

The stress of COVID-19 has affected all of us-individuals, families, as well as institutions in our community, in different ways. Care New England and its affiliated providers have been laser-focused on the safety of the community as well as our front-line staff who have been there to serve you. As we have slowed down some programs and changed others to ensure patient and staff safety and worked to maintain staff and facilities to care for people with COVID-19, we have greatly appreciated your patience. We have gone through what we hope will be the worst of this experience. It is time to return to normal, albeit one that may be new.  

As we move forward, we are working hard to assure you continue to receive safe, quality care in an environment as welcoming as always. We recognize that doing so may be challenging as it seems clear that COVID-19 will remain part of our daily lives to some degree for much longer that we had hoped. As a healthcare system we are committed to reopening our services now and getting back to providing you the best in care in ways that keeps you and our staff safe. In order to do so we have taken what we have learned from our recent experience and reimagined the best ways to provide needed care in the community. We know many of you have put off non-emergent surgery and other procedures. Others have delayed care of ongoing chronic and urgent medical issues. As a health system we are committed to creating ways that people can get the care they need now to live up to be as healthy as they can be, while minimizing the risk of COVID-19. 

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We are Here for You

Our message to you is we are here and available to care for you and your family. The vast majority of patients we are seeing now do not have COVID-19 and we have the space and time to safely see people with other healthcare needs again. We have processes in place to keep our patients and staff safe. These include changes in how we space our patients and their appointments, how we screen our staff and visitors, how and when we use masks and other personal protective equipment and how we cleanse our care environments. We are also using testing for COVID-19 for non-emergent surgical cases to minimize risk for all of our patients and staff.


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  • We continue to be open and ready for any emergency surgical or medical needs. You should not wait at home with worrisome symptoms that would normally lead you to the emergency unit or to contact your physician. We continue to provide emergency care as we have throughout the COVID-19 crisis and we have the space, time and processes in place to safely care for all patients, not just those coming to the emergency room for COVID-19 related concerns.
  • Our medical offices are open and available for both primary care and consultation. Many of our patients have been using telemedicine to see their doctors at this time and have found this to be an excellent and convenient way to get their healthcare needs met. However, if your specific needs or preferences mean you want to be seen in person, our offices have processes in place to safely care for all of our patients at this time. You can call your physician or (401) CareNow or call (401) 227-3669 to set up either a telemedicine or an in-person appointment now.
  • We continue to have our laboratory and diagnostic imaging facilities open and available for any testing needs you have. Again, all of our radiology and laboratory sites have new processes in place to safely care for our patients at this time.
  • We are pleased to let you know that we have reopened our non-emergent surgical and interventional programs. We did so working in conjunction with the Department of Health as well as using guidance recommendations from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other published recommendations. We have done so with an abundance of caution with your health and safety and that of our health care workers in mind. Please call if you have put off any needed care and we will make arrangements to see you. You can call your physician or call (401) CareNow or call (401) 227-3669 to arrange to be seen.

*If you are a patient who plans to be seen at one of our facilities, please contact your provider for detailed instructions prior to visiting one of our locations.