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Congratulations to the 72 physicians with privileges at Care New England hospitals who have been named to Rhode Island Monthly’s 2014 list of Top Docs, listed here by specialty:

Dr. David Katzen (Kent)
Dr. Anthony Ricci (Kent)

Dr. Peter Baziotis (Memorial)

Critical Care Medicine
Dr. Thomas Raimondo (Kent)

Dr. Lionel Bercovitch (W&I)

Dr. Nathalie Campbell (Kent)

Dr. William Chen (Kent)
Dr. Neil Greenspan (Memorial)
Dr. Samir Shah (Memorial)
Dr. Joel Spellun (Kent)

General/Family Practice
Dr. Denise Arcand (Kent)
Dr. Kristen DiMarco (Kent)
Dr. Mark Rosenberg (W&I)

Gynecologic Oncology
Dr. Christina Bandera (W&I)
Dr. Stephen Falkenberry (W&I)
Dr. Cornelius “Skip” Granai (Kent, Memorial, W&I)
Dr. Richard Moore (Kent and W&I)

Dr. David Beitle (W&I)
Dr. Kathleen Bowling (W&I)
Dr. J. Douglas Nisbet (Kent and W&I)
Dr. Jane Sharp (W&I)
Dr. Scott Walker (W&I)

Dr. Robert Legare (Kent and W&I)
Dr. John Przygoda (Kent)
Dr. Sundaresan Sambandam (Kent)

Infectious Diseases
Dr. Glenn Fort (Memorial)
Dr. David Lowe (Kent)

Internal Medicine
Dr. Kim Amin (Memorial)

Dr. Richard Cottiero (Memorial)
Dr. George Lee (Kent and Memorial)
Dr. Charles McCoy (Kent and Memorial)
Dr. Steven Zipin (Kent and Memorial)

Dr. Gary Johnson (W&I)
Dr. Julie Roth (W&I)

Dr. Jan Groblewski (W&I)
Dr. John Tarro (Memorial)

Pain Management
Dr. Peter Baziotis (Memorial)

Dr. Jane Dennison (W&I)
Dr. Richard Greco (W&I)
Dr. Robert Griffith (W&I)
Dr. Howard Silversmith (W&I)
Dr. William Turtle (W&I)

Pulmonary Diseases
Dr. Thomas Raimondo (Kent)

Radiation Oncology

Dr. Thomas DiPetrillo (W&I)
Dr. Philip Maddock (Kent and W&I)
Dr. Kathy Radie-Keane (Memorial and W&I)
Dr. Scott Triedman (Memorial)

Dr. Richard Gold (W&I)
Dr. Jeffrey Rogg (W&I)
Dr. Michael Wallach (W&I)

Rehabilitation/Physical Medicine
Dr. Jon Mukand (Kent)
Dr. Matthew Smith (Kent)

Reproductive Endocrinology
Dr. Gary Frishman (Memorial and W&I)
Dr. Kelly Pagidas (W&I)
Dr. Carol Wheeler (Memorial and W&I)

Surgery: Breast
Dr. Candace Dyer (Kent and W&I)
Dr. Jennifer Gass (Kent and W&I)
Dr. Doreen Wiggins (W&I)

Surgery: Cardiac/Thoracic
Dr. Laurie Reeder (Kent)

Surgery: Colon/Rectal
Dr. Adam Klipfel (W&I)
Dr. Matthew Vrees (W&I)

Surgery: General
Dr. Beth Ryder (W&I)

Surgery: Neurosurgery
Dr. Deus Cielo (Memorial)

Surgery: Plastic/Reconstructive
Dr. David Barrall (Kent)
Dr. Pierre Michaud (Kent and W&I)

Surgery: Vascular
Dr. Guy Lancellotti (Kent)
Dr. Robert Patterson (Memorial)
Dr. Jeffrey Slaiby (W&I)

Surgical Oncology
Dr. Thomas Miner (W&I)

Dr. Anthony Caldamone (W&I)
Dr. E. Bradley Miller (Memorial)
Dr. Gyan Pareek (Memorial)

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