Integra Community Care Network Announces Funding Opportunity for Community-Based Organizations to Partner for Health Equity

(Providence, RI) --  Integra Community Care Network has announced a new initiative to address health equity issues in the communities it serves. The Integra Social Partnerships Initiative for Community Engagement & Equity (I-SPICEE) will support the planning, piloting, and evaluation of community-based projects that help ensure all Rhode Islanders have a fair and just opportunity to be healthy.  

“Equity is at the core of what we do, and it’s absolutely central to our work to improve the health of our members and their communities,” said Dr. Joseph Diaz, Care New England’s Chief Health Equity Officer, and Medical Director for Integra’s Medicaid Accountable Entity program. “We’re committed to identifying inequities in health outcomes, and working with our providers and community partners to address them.”
Through I-SPICEE, Integra is soliciting proposals from community-based organizations for projects to address health equity issues that affect Integra’s more than 150,000 members throughout the state of Rhode Island. Integra will select up to three proposals which will each receive funding of up to $125,000 over an 18-month period.
“We’re asking organizations that have expertise and experience to help us name the health equity problems that are most important to the communities they serve and propose solutions that we could implement together,” said Dr. Diaz. “We’re hoping to learn with our partners what impact our efforts have on population health and disparities, what relationships we need to be effective, and how we can best engage communities around complex health issues.”
I-SPICEE also represents a commitment to continue to meaningfully invest in the communities where our members live. Integra is one of seven Medicaid Accountable 
Entities (AEs) in Rhode Island; all seven AEs earned significant revenue through the program in 2022. “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to directly invest in our community partners to further their mission to improve upon health equity in Rhode Island,” said Ana Tuya Fulton, MD, MBA, Chief Population Health Officer, CNE. “This program will enhance community engagement and make direct improvements in health equity in the populations that we serve..”

Interested organizations are asked to submit a brief letter of interest describing their proposed project. Based on the review of those submissions, Integra will invite selected applicants to submit more detailed proposals. Letters of interest are due to Integra by April 27. Selected projects are expected to get underway in September.
Community-based organizations can learn more about I-SPICEE and the application process at Integra will host a virtual information session for potential applicants on March 30; visit the website for registration information.

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