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Accessing Health Records



CNME Portal

Care New England Health System uses Cerner Health to provide secure access to your patient record.

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Access your secure health connection: Communicate with your doctor, request refills and more

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Request a Copy of Your
Medical Records

A copy of your medical records may be obtained by downloading and printing a request form.

About Your Personal Health Record

Ever wish your family’s health information was as easily accessible as banking or buying a plane ticket online? With the personal health record platforms offered through Care New England, you can gather and manage your medical information from easily accessible and completely secure locations.

At Care New England, information from our ambulatory clinics is managed through MyChart, while hospital and emergency department records can be accessed using CNme.

Your CNE online health records allow you to securely share information with your care providers, but can also literally be a lifesaver. In an emergency, you can quickly give emergency personnel vital information, such as a disease you're being treated for, previous surgeries or hospitalizations, medications you take, allergies, and how to contact your primary care doctor.

Patient Portal

PROMPT RELEASE - Most of your medical notes and testing results are now available in your electronic patient portal, MyChart and CNme, as soon as they are finalized. See Prompt Release Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Whether you’re maintaining good health or managing a chronic condition, we want to make sure you have your most up-to-date medical information available to you. It’s all part of our commitment to make our patients and their families more active participants in their own care. Using your patient portal, you can:

  • Easily view your diagnoses, medications, immunizations, allergies and most lab results.
  • Request prescription renewals and appointments online.
  • Securely and confidentially communicate with your health care team.
  • Electronically request corrections and/or additions to portions of your chart. For example, you can make changes to your medication list, which your doctor will then review and accept into your official medical record at your next visit.
  • Complete pre-visit questionnaires, which can then be reviewed by your doctor, and imported right into your official medical record at the time of your visit.
  • Grant access to MyChart to other adults (with appropriate consents).

Prompt Release Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Care New England making my notes and most results available promptly?
The 21st Century Cures Act expanded the rights of patients to electronically access their medical history and treatment information. This prohibits the practice of restricting your access to your electronic medical information.
I already use my Patient Portal (MyChart or CNme) to access my visits and test results. How will this be different?
Because most all your visit notes, including progress notes, discharge summaries, procedure notes and other clinical documentation as well as most testing results will now be available through you portal. Testing results will be released to you promptly once they are finalized, therefore you may receive notification of your results before a provider has had a chance to review them.
I don’t have a MyChart or CNme account – how do I sign up?
You can sign up at a Care New England facility or by accessing https://www.carenewengland.org/personal-health-record
Why will this be a benefit to me?
Having greater access to your own information can help you make more informed decisions about your health. It can also create a stronger partnership between you and your care team, because everyone is receiving the same information at the same time.
What are the potential drawbacks of prompt release?

Because this is a new way of sharing information, you may see test results before your health care team has had the chance to review the result and contact you. Additionally, you’re going to be getting these results as soon as they are final when your care team may not be immediately available for questions.

Some test results may be hard to understand or sound more alarming than they really are; other results may show a serious disease like cancer. Some patients may prefer to delay these results in order to hear the result from their provider who can help interpret the test for you.

What if I don’t want to see my test results before my provider has reviewed them and shared them with me?

We understand that you may want to get certain results directly from your doctor. To avoid any misunderstanding or unnecessary alarm based on what you see, you can speak to your provider regarding your concerns.

  • Tell your provider that you would prefer delaying or not sharing certain results or notes in your patient portal.
  • Adjust your MyChart notification preferences to turn off text or push notifications on your phone or device. To do this, follow these steps:
    • MyChart
      • Step 1: Log in to MyChart.
      • Step 2: Go to "Account Settings" and click "Communication Preferences".
      • Step 3: Under "Health" deselect emails and/or text messages for test results.
    • CNme does not currently push portal notifications to your phone or device.
What test results will not be available through my patient portal?
Due to Rhode Island state law, HIV test results will not be shared with you on your patient portal until your provider has had a chance to review the results with you.
Are my test results confidential?
Yes. Only you (and those you have permitted access to your patient portal, known as a Proxy) will be able to see your results.
Will anyone who I have granted access to my patient portal be able to see my notes and results?

Yes, if you have granted the individual full access. Their view of your portal is the same as yours. This means they can see all of your information, including (but not limited to) test results, provider notes, past medical history, and messages between you and your provider.

This may be a good time to review who has access to your portal account. While there are many benefits to giving access to the portal, there are certain situations you may wish to keep private. Please consider these factors when you decide who you give access.

Through Sharing you can control who can access your medical record, grant one-time access using Share Everywhere and link your accounts.

  • Share my Record gives you the ability to monitor who can view your medical record and revoke access to your account.
  • Share Everywhere gives you the ability to grant one-time, limited access to any individual. Patients must enter the name of the person accessing your record and request a share code.
  • Link your MyChart accounts from different health care organizations using Link My Accounts. Search for your organization, click ‘link account’ and verify your identity by answering the challenge question.
If I see a result and have questions about it, when can I speak to my provider?

If you see something that concerns you or that you do not understand please follow-up with your provider at your next scheduled visit.

CNme: Hospital Information

CNme provides easily accessible and secure information about inpatient visits at a Care New England hospital, including:

  • Summary of health records
  • Select lab results
  • Medication lists
  • Select clinical documents
  • Discharge instructions

You can sign up for CNme quickly and easily at any point during your hospital visit. Registered users can access your information here: CNme (cne.iqhealth.com)

If you have questions about using CNme, call (877) 621-8014. This support line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

If you want to register for CNme after you are sent home from the hospital, print out this registration form and mail to the Medical Records Department at the hospital where you were treated.

Kent Hospital Medical Records
455 Toll Gate Road
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886
(401) 737-7000, ext. 34291

Women & Infants Hospital Medical Records
101 Dudley Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02905
(401) 274-1122, ext. 41486

MyChart: Outpatient Information

View your medical information online

  • Review your medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history.
  • Receive test results online—no waiting for a phone call or letter.
  • Review health education topics and discharge instructions provided by your physician.

Stay in touch with your physician

  • Communicating with your doctor’s office is as simple as sending an email—but even more secure.
  • Request renewals of your medications online.

Manage your appointments

  • Request your next appointment online – when it’s convenient to you.
  • View details of your past and upcoming appointments.

 Access your family’s records

  • Link your family’s accounts to yours for access to appointments, immunization records, growth charts and more.

Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows health care professionals to appropriately access and securely share patient medical information electronically. HIE systems have been in development nationwide since a federal law was passed in 2009 to promote the use of electronic movement and use of health information among health care providers.

Who could access a patient record on an HIE?
Only healthcare providers and their support staff who have a treating relationship with the patient are permitted to access the patient’s record on the HIE.
Benefits of Health Information Exchanges
  • Better coordination between a patient’s health care providers
  • Safer and more effective care
  • Fewer medical errors
  • Fewer repeat tests and procedures
  • Less paperwork
  • Secure transmission of health record
What patient information is included in a Health Information Exchange?
Clinical information including medications, allergies, lab and test results, image reports, conditions, diagnoses and vaccination history. Certain demographic information used to identify the patient, such as name and birth date.
How to opt-out of sharing health information with an HIE

Patients have the option to opt out of having your information shared between providers that use an HIE by completing the Opt Out” form here or by asking the patient’s treating provider office or Health Information Management Department.

Opting out of a CNE HIE will not adversely affect treatment by any Care New England treating provider, and patients cannot be discriminated against for choosing to opt out.

If you change your mind about participating in a CNE HIE, you can opt back in at any time.