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Barbara Moulton, RN, on the Dialysis Unit at Kent Hospital

"In the nomination Barbara's patient wrote, about Barbara's kindness and compassion for the past eight years, always tending to her needs and taking the time to explain her procedures to her and her family. Thank you Barbara" said Rebecca Burke, RN, MS, NEA-BC, sr. vice president patient care services, chief nursing officer at Kent Hospital.


Melissa D’Abate, RN, a nurse at Women & Infants labor and delivery

“It may not always be obvious in these hectic situations, but having a nurse that truly listens and communicates well is what keeps a mother (relatively) sane during labor and delivery. Thank you for being there, Melissa!” So said Jennifer Graham, a patient who needed an emergency c-section, in nominating her labor and delivery nurse Melissa D’Abate, RN, for the DAISY Award. Congratulations, Melissa! Read More

Kristen Frias, RN, a nurse at Kent Hospital on the Psychiatric Care Unit (PCU)

Kristen was nominated by a patient who wrote, “Kristen goes the extra mile for her patients and their families, she stands above the rest. Kristen’s professionalism is an understatement- she strives for perfection and it shows. I am very happy to have had a nurse like Kristen." Read More

Barbara Gallagher, RN, a nurse at Women & Infants Hospital on the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

In nominating Barbara for this honor, a patient wrote, “I cannot begin to explain what an impact she has had on me and my family. There is no gift or amount of money that I could give to truly show how much we appreciate her. She goes above and beyond her duties as a nurse. Her love for her job, compassion, and energy for life, is amazing.” Read More

Ross Leclaire, RN, of Pawtucket, RI, a nurse at Memorial Hospital on Hodgson 5

“Ross is that stable presence that allows for calm and respect every day. He sees each and every patient as a family member and spends the time to find out what each patients’ needs are, in order to help them get better,” said a coworker. Read More

Sarah Luczkowski, RN, a nurse at Women & Infants Hospital on the antenatal care unit (ACU)

A colleague wrote about a time when she saw Sarah in soaking wet scrubs in morning rounds. “When I asked her what had happened, she sheepishly yet discreetly informed me that she had gotten into the shower to assist a cognitively impaired patient who really needed some assistance with some hygiene issues,” said her colleague. “The patient was extremely grateful and gushed quite a bit about how wonderful her nurse was!” Read More

Jane LaManna RN, BSN, OCN, a nurse at Kent Hospital in the Kent Infusion Center

Jane was nominated by a patient, Cheryl Pertuso who wrote, “I have been a patient at the Infusion Center for over four years, during that time my treatment has changed and it is very frightening at times. Jane is always there for me, even when I’m not her patient. She checks in on me; explains the process and reassures me. She has come to my rescue many times and treats me like a member of her family. I look forward to my spa days at the Kent Hospital Infusion Center.” Read More

Elizabeth Thayer, RN, a nurse at Memorial Hospital on Hodgson 5

Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island recently honored Elizabeth Thayer, RN, of Cumberland, a nurse on Hodgson 5 with the Daisy Award for April. Elizabeth has been a nurse at Memorial for 21 years. Patients and fellow staff members said she embodies the outstanding qualities of an extraordinary DAISY nurse. “Liz is very caring. She goes above and beyond to meet every need of her patients,” said a coworker. Read More

Kent Hospital’s Psychiatric Care Unit (PCU) first recipient of the hospital’s DAISY Team Award.

Kent Hospital’s Psychiatric Care Unit (PCU) is the first recipient of the hospital’s DAISY Team Award. The DAISY Team Award recognizes that while an idea to achieve better patient and family outcomes may start with one individual, it often takes an entire team to implement successfully. The PCU team was nominated by a patient named Bryan, who wrote, "Before I went on PCU, I was an insecure, depressed and uncertain person. I had reached my lowest point when I entered the PCU. The team there really cared about me, even when I thought things were hopeless and I was in the darkest place that I had ever been in my life. They worked with me to get me out of that dark place. I nominated the whole unit of PCU because I could not just pick one nurse. I feel as though the entire staff helped me on the road to recovery. It has been almost a year since I was a patient on PCU. I am now a student studying social work. I work full time, and volunteer. This would not have been possible without the dedication and caring spirit of the PCU staff. I am now a self-assured, confident, outgoing person– without the PCU, I would not be here today." Read More