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The Care New England Spine Center’s Patient-First Approach

Most spine centers are developed through a practitioner-centered approach in which the first step is for groups of practitioners, particularly specialists who provide invasive, high cost interventions, are brought together.  

The Care New England Spine Care Program was developed in precisely the opposite way; the needs of spine pain patients were considered first. Then practitioner types were included and assigned particular roles based on the value they bring to the patient.  

From there, an integrated pathway was developed by a team of spine experts based on an extensive review of the literature and interactions, discussions and clinical experience that had taken place over a period of some 20+ years. The pathway was also founded on the since-expired NCQA Back Pain Recognition Program*.

The pathway incorporates a “stepped care” model in which the most effective, least invasive and least costly services are applied first, with a particular focus on teaching patients self-care strategies. In the relatively uncommon cases in which the problem persists, higher intensity services are sought, based on a rigorous, evidence-based clinical decision making algorithm, with the patient carefully followed to ensure they are experiencing maximum benefit.  

The integrated pathway utilized by The Care New England Spine Care Program has been implemented by a team that includes our medical director, Donald R. Murphy, DC, FRCC, in various environments since 2009. These environments include hospital spine centers and a community-wide program associated with a major insurer.  

* The NCQA is the National Committee on Quality Assurance. It is a widely respected non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. It has developed a number of certification and recognition programs. The NCQA Back Pain Recognition Program ran from 2007 to 2014. Its purpose was to grant recognition to those physicians who “deliver top-quality care to patients with low back pain.” The Rhode Island Spine Center, under the direction of our medical director, Donald R. Murphy, DC, FRCC, was the only facility in Rhode Island to have received recognition from the NCQA’s Back Pain Recognition Program.

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