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Temporary visitation restrictions are in place to minimize potential virus exposure.

visitor advisory message

Only persons essential to patient mobility, and/or comprehension will be allowed to accompany patients into diagnostic imaging, laboratory and ambulatory/outpatient service areas of the hospital. In very limited circumstances, exceptions may be made to this visiting policy at the discretion of medical and/or nursing leadership.

Please also note that visitors and patients who visit any of our hospital's or your doctor's office are advised to wear a face mask or face covering for the duration of their visit.

We understand this policy will represent a significant hardship for both patients and families. We do not take this lightly. However, we believe that at this point in time - with the presently evolving risks of transmission in the community - this is the best way to protect the vulnerable patients who have trusted us with their care.

Thank you for understanding and for joining us in making patient health your top priority.

Updated June 24, 2020