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Lisa Cassidy, a registered nurse in the operating room, finds great satisfaction in providing care that touches people’s lives when they need it most. “Nursing can be hard work, but it touches your heart,” said Cassidy. “We’re giving to people that are hurt, sick, and sometimes in their worst possible place, and that’s well worth the sacrifices we make. I love what I do.”

Lisa Cassidy, RN, Operating Room

Nicole Hebert thinks the best thing about the nursing field is the varied work environments that are available. “You can start out at the bedside on a med/surg floor, and then advance your career by going into critical care nursing or home care,” said Hebert. “If you at any time you feel like you need a challenge you can switch practice settings, and Kent Hospital has it all.”

Nicole Hebert, RN, Advanced Nurse Clinician

Registered nurse Eric Hindy enjoys the opportunities for lifelong learning that come with working in the field. “In the Emergency Room at Kent Hospital, we have an educator on campus who is always encouraging us to take advantage of our educational resources,” said Hindy. He is two classes away from completing his BSN degree, and says it was only possible because of Care New England’s tuition reimbursement program.

Eric Hindy, RN, Emergency Department

Jillian Lavoie enjoys the dynamic nature of her role as a clinical coordinator in the Kent Hospital Emergency Department. “I love the fact that there’s something different every day,” said Lavoie. “A nursing role like mine gives you a great sense of the different areas of medicine. You get to see a little bit of maternity, orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, and experience how these different elements fit together in a patient’s diagnosis.”

Jillian Lavoie, RN, Clinical Coordinator, Emergency Department

Flexibility is what Megan Manocchia loves about working as a nurse at Kent Hospital. “During my eight years here at Kent, I have found tremendous opportunity to explore different areas of nursing,” said Manocchia. She started in the medical surgical unit, and later transitioned into a very different case management role. “Then two years ago, I saw an opportunity to work in emergency nursing, which I had previously ruled out. It ended up being the perfect fit for me.”

Megan Manocchia, RN, Recovery

For John Tousignant, a clinical coordinator in the Kent Hospital Emergency Department, working as a nurse is all about the feeling of satisfaction he gets from making a difference. “You’re able to help your neighbors and friends when they come in, and it’s a great feeling for people to know that you’re a nurse and that you can be a resource for them when they need you,” said Tousignant.

John Tousignant, RN, Clinical Coordinator, Emergency Department