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 More Hispanics Treated at Breast Cancer Center After Obamacare
Enrollment in clinical trials also increased, study finds

 How Older People Can Head Off Dangerous Drug Interactions
Taking multiple medications and supplements could cause serious problems, FDA warns

 New MRSA Strain Found in Denmark
Researchers believe it was spread through contaminated imported poultry

 The 'Love Hormone' May Quiet Tinnitus
Small, preliminary study suggests oxytocin might ease 'ringing in the ears'

 Drug-Resistant Germs Thrive in America's Corroding Water Systems
Bacteria found in plumbing may sicken thousands each year, study suggests

 Smart City Planning Can Cut Deadly Diseases, Improve Air Quality
Study found big benefit in limiting urban sprawl, encouraging walking and biking

 'Medical Tattoos' Help Hide Surgical Scars
Pigments can restore more natural appearance that patients are happy with, study finds

 Can Brain 'Pacemaker' Improve Lives of Head Trauma Patients?
Deep brain stimulation appears to boost function and quality of life, small study finds

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