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Every Person, Every Time
  1) Every Person, Every Time includes which components:
  CLAS, Code of Conduct, Standard Precautions
  AIDET, Teach-Back, A+ Service Recovery
  Patient Complaints, Patient Grievances, Patient Belongings
  Hand Hygiene, Standard Precautions, Occupational Health
  2) What does "AIDET" stands for?
  Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explain, and Thanks
  Assess, Introduce, Describe, Explain, and Thanks
  Acknowledge, Interview, Duration, Explain, and Thanks
  3) Smiling, making eye contact, greeting the patient by name and asking about other people who are with the patient is an example of what?
  Teach Back
  A+ Service Recovery
  Complaint Process for Patients
  4) What do the letters of the A+ Service Recovery acronym stand for?
  Always Answer Angry Adults Angrily
  Acknowledge, Apologize, Act, Appreciate
  Always Avoid Angry Adults
  A form of teach back
  5) Please select an example of an effective apology
  I am sorry but we are working short staffed today.
  I am sorry but it is not part of my job.
  I am sorry but I am busy and can't help you.
  I am sorry you are upset, let’s see what we can do.
  6) Which of the following is a good example of an effective teach back question?
  "I want to be sure I explained everything clearly. Can you please explain it back to me so I can be sure?"
  "Can you tell me in your own words how often and when you need to use your asthma puffer?"
  All of the above
  7) Teach Back puts the patient in the role of an “active learner.” It:
  Improves patient outcomes and satisfaction
  Builds a partnership between providers and patients and family members
  Engages patients in their treatment plans
  All of the above
  8) Any concern, related to patient service or care, which is made to the operating unit by any patient, family or visitor is known as a
  Patient Complaint
  A+ Service recovery
  None of the above
Abuse and Neglect
  9) At CNE, any allegations of patient abuse must be documented in the Event Reporting System and reported immediately to:
  The President of the Hospital (OU)
  The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
  The Risk Manager
  The police
Corporate Compliance (CNE)
  10) What is a goal of Care New England’s Compliance program?
  To educate, communicate, and monitor compliance issues
  To improve quality of care and reduce waste
  To foster a culture of compliance
  To demonstrate CNE’s commitment to ethical conduct
  All of the above
  11) What is your role regarding Compliance?
  Ask questions
  Report wrongdoing
  Communicate concerns
  Complete your duties efficiently and accurately
  All of the above
  12) Information that is created by or received by a health care provider that is related to a person’s physical or mental health, their medical care, or any payments for their care, whether the health information pertains to the past, the present, or the future is known as
  Protected Health Information (PHI)
  Code of Conduct
  Occupational Health
  13) Unique Identifiers, which is Health Information that can be used to identify a specific individual includes which of the following:
  Name, address and phone number
  Social security number
  Medical record/account number
  All of the above
  14) The HIPAA Security regulations specify the safeguards necessary to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information held or transmitted in electronic form (sometimes referred to as “ePHI”)
  15) Notify the Privacy Officer at your Operating Unit of which of the following:
  A patient complaint that her PHI has been compromised
  A fax sent to the wrong fax number
  If discharge instructions are provided to the wrong patient
  All of the above
  16) Emails that leave our network, that contain PHI or confidential information must be encrypted by placing “Encrypt” or “PHI in the subject line.
  17) Which of the following are the abbreviations used for Care New England’s core values?
Physical Environment
  18) The “C” in the term RACE, used to recall the steps in case of a fire, refers to
  Cover the flame
  Close doors
  Carry the patient
  19) It is ok to put routine trash (i.e. coffee cups, pizza boxes, paper) in a RED bag?
  20) Which code is announced if it is suspected that an infant/child has been abducted?
  Drill one
  Code Amber
  All of the above
Infection Prevention and Control
  21) The most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of infections in hospitals is:
  Clean your hands
  Use a tissue
  Wear a mask
  Wear gloves
  22) Hands must be cleaned
  Before patient contact
  After patient contact
  After going to the restroom
  All of the above
  23) If you have a needlestick or splash to the eyes, you should:
  Wash the area with water and then notify Occupational Health
  Use a band aid
  Continue to work and figure it out later
  Tell a friend
  24) Occupational Health Services include:
  Annual PPD testing
  Reporting exposures immediately
  Obtaining immunizations for infectious diseases
  All of the above
Performance Improvement
  25) Which one of the following methods is used at Care New England to make an improvement?
  Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA)
  Focus-Analyze-Deploy-Evaluate (FADE)
  Quality Assurance (QA)
  10-Step Model
  26) Which of the following is part of your role in improving quality and safety?
  Participate in multidisciplinary improvement teams.
  Report adverse events and medical errors using the electronic reporting system.
  Support my department’s efforts to improve what we do and how we do it.
  Participate in the root cause analysis of a sentinel event.