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Care New England Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery

Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery

The goal of Care New England Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery are to offer patients access to the most advanced treatment options available in a private, comfortable environment.  Our providers seek to offer patients the highest standards in patient experience, surgical outcomes, and well-being. This includes a unique confidence in your surgical team surgical care team, in the office staff, and in your journey to a more healthful you. 

The team offers some of the most advanced tools for assessment, including 3-D surgical planning with Vectra imaging. Our commitment is to the well-being of patients throughout the aesthetic or reconstructive surgery process.  Our program offers the newest, evidence-based approaches, using a patient’s own tissues when possible, to facilitate a well-healed, natural-appearing result. 

Contact Information:

Care New England Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery

Providence Location
101 Plain Street, 4th floor
Providence, RI 02903
P: (401) 736-4592
F: (401) 889-5008

East Greenwich Location
1405 South County Trail, Building 5, suite 510
East Greenwich, RI
P: (401) 736-4592
F: (401) 889-5008

Hear From Our Team

Our Services

Our team offers a full range of cosmetic and hand surgery including:

  • Body contouring after pregnancy or weight loss
    • Liposuction
    • Abdominoplasty/tummy tucks
    • Panniculectomy
    • Arm lift or thigh-lifts
  • Breast augmentation/enhancement, breast implants
  • Breast reduction
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Facelifts/neck lifts
  • Gender-affirming surgery
  • Hand surgery procedures
  • Injectables
  • Nose reshaping/rhinoplasty
  • Skin lesion removal, skin cancer reconstruction
    • Mohs surgery reconstruction



Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

The team offers surgical repair or reconstruction to improve a wide range of conditions resulting from:

  • Burns
  • Cancer, such as breast, skin, head and neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis
  • Cleft and craniofacial concerns, including craniosynostosis (skull growth issues)
  • Complex conditions or previous procedures that need to be revised
  • Congenital and non-congenital differences
  • Maxillofacial issues relating to the jaws and face
  • Pediatric and vascular tumors
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Traumatic injury
Surgical Options
  • Burn reconstructive surgery – Specialized procedures, for complicated burn injuries and scarring that can distort typical tissues and structures, such as the mouth and hands, to achieve the best possible outcome
  • Gender affirming surgery - procedures that help people transition to their self-identified gender. Options may include top surgery or bottom surgery.
  • Oncologic surgery – Multidisciplinary collaboration for the primary cancer condition, with surgical reconstruction of surrounding soft tissues to return as much function as possible in each situation
  • Trauma reconstructive surgery – Care for survivors of complex injuries to hard and soft tissues of the body, ranging from dog attacks to falls or motor vehicle accidents. Consultation for revision of previous reconstructive procedures performed elsewhere.
  • Trunk reconstructive surgery – Multidisciplinary collaboration for breast, chest, or abdominal wall reconstructive surgical procedures.
Non-Surgical Options
  • Botox® and fillers – Injections under the skin to rejuvenate the face

Hand Surgery

Our multidisciplinary approach to injuries and disorders of the elbow, wrist, and hand involves not only board-certified surgeons but also hand therapists, and physicians in other disciplines including rheumatology and dermatology. We are experts in state-of-the-art operative and non-operative care. The goal of hand surgery is to improve functionality and flexibility, as well as to improve the appearance of the hand. We treat the full spectrum of hand conditions including:

  • Trauma
    • Fractures
    • Dislocations
    • Tendon lacerations – repair and reconstruction
    • Nerve injuries
    • Burns
    • Skin loss and nail injuries
  • Nerve compression
    • Carpal tunnel
    • Cubital tunnel
    • Numbness in hands
  • Wear and tear
    • Arthritis treatment and reconstruction
    • Trigger finger
    • Tennis elbow
    • deQuervain’s disease
    • Stiff hands
  • Growths, lumps, and bumps
    • Hand tumors
    • Ganglion cysts
    • Skin cancers
    • Peripheral nerve tumors
    • Nail abnormalities
    • Dupytren’s disease
  •  Vascular
    • Cold hands
    • Vascular disease
  • Non-operative interventions
    • Steroid injection for tendonitis and arthritis
    • Collagenase (Xiaflex) injection for Dupytren’s disease
    • Splinting
    • Hand therapy
    • Work hardening
  • Cosmetic
    • Fat grafting for soft tissue filling / aesthetic improvement

*For more information on these conditions please visit the American Society for Surgery of the Hand

Get In Touch

Integrated Care

The Care New England Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery works collaboratively with all medical teams and specialized units throughout Care New England for seamless and exceptional care for patients as they are referred to needed services offered locally.  Some services may include:

3D Image Sculpting

With the advanced virtual imaging software of the Vectra XT 3D Imaging System, patients can see post-operative results before surgery. Patients can see themselves and peer into the future to see how the face, breasts, and body will look after surgery. The floor-mounted device works to assess, educate, and simulate possible outcomes.  This comprehensive imaging capability allows an individual to see a simulation of what they will look like the following surgery. 

The image shows each person’s body as it actually looks and can be viewed from any angle. The virtual image can be adjusted into the exact shape someone wishes to achieve. Someone will stand in front of the imager and pictures will then be taken by the machine. The software will then be utilized to make visual presentations.


Plastic Surgery
Care New England

Whether it’s for comfort, cosmetic reasons, or for medical health, skin removal surgery is an option that most people don’t know about, or simply don’t understand.

Plastic Surgery
Care New England

In some circles, there's a false and harmful assumption about plastic surgery: that it's a procedure that exclusively caters to rich and elite socialites hoping to escape the inevitable effects of agi...

Your Surgical Journey

Pre-Operative Assessment

As part of your pre-operative preparation, you’ll complete an assessment at Kent Hospital’s Ambulatory Surgery Center. During this appointment, you’ll have labs drawn and an EKG test, as well as a chest X-ray, if necessary. You’ll also meet with an anesthesiologist and review your current medications.

You will be notified about required appointments, because you may not need all of them. All tests can be performed on the Kent Hospital campus.

You will be contacted by our office only if we find issues with your results. Otherwise, your results will go directly to the surgical team. If you want copies of your results, we can provide them at the time of your post-operative appointment or are accessible through MyChart.

Preparing for Surgery

Prior to your procedure, you will have a preoperative visit in which your plastics team will discuss the specifics of your surgical procedure and take the time to go over any preoperative workup you may need. They will also ensure you have all the proper instructions and paperwork at this time and answer any questions you may have. These visits are typically done at the Providence office but can be arranged in East Greenwich as well.

Prior to your surgery, you may be asked to:

  • Have labs drawn or diagnostic procedures performed such as EKG or ultrasound;
  • Adjust or discontinue current medication schedules or add additional medications
  • Quit all nicotine-containing products

Preoperatively, the plastics team will discuss with you:

  • What the procedure entails including the estimated length of the procedure and hospital stay;
  • Day of surgery instructions and information
  • Surgical consents and necessary diagnostic testing
  • Postoperative care and follow-up
Before Surgery
  • It is important that avoid alcohol or nicotine-containing products for at least three weeks prior to surgery
  • Make sure to get lots of rest and optimize nutrition when possible
  • Ensure that you will have a ride both to and from the hospital and a relative or friend to stay with you and assist for the first few days following your procedure
Day of Surgery

Do not eat or drink (including water) from midnight the night immediately before surgery, unless otherwise instructed. Do not wear makeup, jewelry, contact lenses, or body piercing items. Be sure your responsible adult companion accompanies you to the surgery location.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to the well-being of patients throughout the aesthetic or reconstructive surgery process and recuperation.  Our program offers the newest, evidence-based approaches, using a patient’s own tissues when possible, to facilitate a well-healed, natural-appearing result. 

Meet The Surgical Team

Benjamin Christian, MD, and Erik Hoy, MD, offer their board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgical advice in a comfortable and confidential environment that allows patients to express their goals for surgery, and help the surgical team to allow patients to achieve those goals. 

Erik Hoy, MD
Erik Hoy is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic surgery of the breast and body, reconstructive breast surgery, autologous fat grafting, and anatomic breast implants, as well as soft-tissue reconstruction after cancer resection. Dr. Hoy is the division chief of plastic surgery at Kent Hospital.
Benjamin Christian, MD

Dr. Christian offers a broad range of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery and hand surgery services to adults and children of all ages. He is board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and has additional training and certification in surgery of the hand. Dr. Christian is an affiliated provider with Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Daniella Lennon, PA-C
Daniella assists in preoperative evaluation provides intraoperative assistance to our surgeons when applicable, and shares in the postoperative care and follow-up of our patients. She is exceedingly helpful and responsive to the needs of our patients and is a constant for them in the different offices and hospitals where we provide treatments.
Danielle Young, PA-C

Dani is a board-certified Physician Assistant who has been practicing in Plastic Surgery for several years. She graduated from Johnson & Wales University Physician Assistant Program in 2018. She provides perioperative evaluation, assists in the operating room, and provides post-operative care to patients.