Remote Access to Care New England Network (non-CNE employed individuals)

Care New England(CNE) permits community providers and other authorized non-employed individuals (i.e., students, residents, volunteers, researchers, vendors) with access to the CNE network and CNE electronic medical records.

Review the Care New England Terms and Condition on Use

Requesting a Care New England User Account

Use the button below to request user access for a non-CNE employed individual to gain access to a CNE system. The form must be completed in its entirety.

Care New England will review the request and respond within 14 business days.

Note: Care New England has the right to decline a request that is incomplete or is determined to not be appropriate. 

Request New Account

Requesting a Modification/Change to an Existing User Account

Use the button below to enter a modification or change request for an existing non-CNE employed individual.


Modify/Change Existing User Account

Terminating a User Account

Use the button below to terminate a user account. The termination must be entered on or before the user’s last day of access.


Terminate a User Account