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Women & Infants Hospital Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions at Women & Infants Hospital:

General medical/surgical inpatients  

A single designated visitor is permitted for the duration of the patient stay. There are no hourly limitations, however, we recommend visitation between 9:00am and 9:00pm so that all patients may rest overnight. 

Maternity (Antepartum, Labor, Post-partum) 

Women and Infants welcomes one birth partner and a doula, as applicable, for pregnant, laboring, and post-partum women at any time during their stay.  

Neonatal Intensive Care  

Two banded persons (parents, guardians, or their designees) are allowed at any time. 

Emergency Room 

A single person may initially accompany the patient, but that time may be limited. Pregnant patients may always have their birth partner. 


Visitors are not allowed in Surgical Services. 

Ambulatory / Outpatient  

Due to space limitations required for social distancing, we ask that patients arrive alone for their outpatient visit. However, we know many patients rely on a support person to assist them in understanding their care, or may require emotional or physical support during the visit. If it is necessary for someone to accompany the patient, please contact the office in advance for guidance.


Updated July 24, 2020