Butler Hospital Visitation Restrictions

Visitation restrictions at Butler Hospital:


In-person visitation on our adolescent treatment unit as well as on our adult inpatient units is not permitted in any location at this time due to the group setting environment and ongoing community transmission of COVID. Butler Hospital encourages patient family visitation through privacy-protected virtual technology, such as Zoom for Healthcare, which may be requested by contacting the patient or staff on the inpatient unit.

Emergency Services  

One accompanying person is allowed for an adolescent patient.  


Visitors are not allowed in Ambulatory settings unless prior arrangements are made, such as for family meetings.

Delmonico 2 (Kent Hospital Unit), Delmonico 4, Delmonico 3, Lippitt 2 and Riverview 3:
  • No visitors as of Monday, December 13th
  • Family meetings can be held via phone and/or zoom- this is arranged by the patient and their treatment team
Lippitt 1:
  • Visits by exception only based on treatment needs
Adolescent unit:
  • Visits by exception only based on patient treatment needs
  • All visitors will be screened for COVID symptoms in the Visitor Registration Center (VRC) and will be required to wear masks for the entirety of the visit
  • All visitors will be screened by Security, have their bags and coats stored securely, and be provided with a visitor badge in the VRC

Updated December 13, 2021