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Care New England Primary Care
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“Primary care is particularly important because we really get to know the patients over a long time period, from years to decades…There is lots of opportunity for preventative care during our annual check-ups – cancer screenings, diabetes screenings, blood pressure screenings, and immunizations.”

Joseph A. Diaz, MD, FACP
Care New England Medical Group Primary Care and Specialty Services | Pawtucket

“Each member of a family may have different questions or concerns when they walk through the door, but by being able to take care of a family as a whole I have a really broad perspective on their health care needs and how to help them solve any problems they may have.”

Jennifer Rosenbaum, MD
Care New England Medical Group Family Medicine | East Greenwich

“During a first appointment I like to get to know my patient. I want to know not just their past medical history and surgeries, but also what brought them to me today, where they’ve been in their lives, and what they feel are the important things. Then the patient and I can build a collaborative model about where we are going to go moving forward in their health.”

Nicole Gleyzer, DO
Care New England Medical Group Family Medicine | East Greenwich