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 Could Breast Milk Tests Replace Mammograms?
Scientists hope to improve breast cancer screening of younger women

 Cleaning, Greening Vacant Lots May Help Fight Crime
Fighting urban blight sends message that residents are paying close attention to the neighborhood

 At What Age Can Kids Safely Cross the Street?
In simulated experiments, the task was too tough for children younger than 14

 When Is It Safe to Drive With Type 1 Diabetes?
Researchers say new checklist can help determine when low blood sugar should keep you off the road

 Stop and Smell the Roses at Work
Meanness in the office can spread faster than the common cold

 Opioid Abusers at Higher Death Risk When Addiction Specialists Not Part of Care
As treatment shifts to primary care doctors and hospitals, new strategies may be needed, researchers say

 When to Pick the Nose in a Medical Emergency
Instead of shots, some ERs are giving patients medicine through the nostrils, researchers say

 150-Year-Old Drug May Shorten 'Off' Time for Parkinson's Patients
Study finds apomorphine cuts the time until levodopa kicks in for those with advanced disease