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July 10 2017
July 10 2017

July 3 2017
July 3 2017


June 26 2017
June 26 2017

June 19 2017
June 19 2017

June 12 2017
June 12 2017

June 5 2017
June 5 2017


May 30 2017
You are the best example of collaboration, and you are a great partner in our important mission."

May 22 2017
”It’s a time to pause from the concerns of<br />the day, the workplace challenges and the hectic pace that surely defines your job."

May 8 2017
”Collectively, you are what makes CNE a<br />special place of caring and healing, and once again, thank you."


April 24 2017
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford

April 17 2017
”I look forward to updating all of you<br />soon about some of the broader organizational initiatives you are all eager to learn about."

April 10 2017
”I hope you continue to read this space each week, to be informed, updated and perhaps most importantly, to share in the success and accomplishments of each other and our great team."

April 3 2017
”I hope you never forget just how important your contributions are to the ongoing health and wellness of our community and just how much that is valued."


March 27 2017
“Team spirit, loyalty, enthusiasm, determination...Acquire and keep these traits and success should follow.” ~ Coach John Wooden

March 20 2017
"I intend to include a variety of our achievements each week for all of you to see and celebrate, while also ensuring you are all informed about an array of related topics of interest."

March 13 2017
"This is a challenging and difficult time for us all. But I also believe this is a time that presents the potential for great opportunity and success."

March 6 2017
"Getting active for your own health and wellness is something each of us must do. Schedule your screening today and get engaged in the fight against colorectal cancer."


February 20 2017
"I strongly believe this focus is key to our broader efforts concentrated on what you might have heard me refer to in the past as the Triple Aim—improving the patient experience, improving the health of our populations or community and helping to reduce the cost of health care."

February 13, 2017
"Year after year, I am amazed at the contributions our staff has made to improve, enhance and optimize our workplace. You all do great work and that work deserves to be recognized."


January 30 2017
"I commend you for the work you do to observe, adhere to and even self-report when the standards of HIPAA might be compromised. It is work that requires self-discipline and integrity—ideals I see exemplified here at Care New England all the time."

January 23 2017
"Is it ok for a hospital with a national reputation for excellence to be a market leader? Is it time for more competition to be introduced into the marketplace? Will competition drive up quality and drive costs down, or just the opposite?"

January 17 2017
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 9 2017
"No matter what your personal beliefs are or who you voted for, there is little doubt that the decisions made and the votes cast over the next few weeks and months will significantly impact Care New England, our member organizations and the patients and families we serve."

January 3 2017
"Creating trust and building relationships are critical to helping people get and stay healthy— very important aspects of population health."


December 27 2016
"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

December 19, 2016
”It’s the combination of technology, good business processes and people that makes a secure environment."

December 12, 2016
It’s the combination of technology, good business processes and people that makes a secure environment.

December 5 2016
"Patients trust that we are taking every possible precaution to ensure their safety and well-being—with every person at every time."


November 28 2016
"The Providence Center certainly provides residential and facility-based behavioral health care, but where the staff really shines is in providing community-based services."

November 21 2016
"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” - John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States (1961-1963)

November 14, 2016
"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others." - Winston Churchill

November 7 2016
"Improving our connections and interactions within behavioral health services will certainly deliver on our mission to create healthier communities."


October 31 2016
"This is a program that will provide a huge impact in the community and surely many say the same of Dr. Baute’s tireless efforts."

October 24, 2016
You can add to our collective efforts by supporting our causes and our positions, but you can also participate in the democratic process by taking an active individual role.

October 17 2016
"We want to ensure that every patient gets the same consistently high standard in every encounter across Care New England and at every one of our sites."

October 11 2016
"As health care providers, it is our responsibility to know the warning signs and to provide appropriate care to our patients and our community."

October 3, 2016
October 3, 2016


September 26 2016
"By keeping the Care New England institutions strong, we are able to continue in our mission of care."

September 19 2016
"All of our groundbreaking research and technological breakthroughs are not only allowing us to explore and understand the brain in new ways, but enabling people to live the fullest life possible."

September 12 2016
"There is no doubt in my mind, if organizations here or elsewhere are to survive and thrive, a constant reinvention of health care delivery is a requirement for the future"

September 06 2016
"Help us celebrate the commitment to education, training and life-long learning by recognizing excellence in our midst and nominating a worthy candidate for CNE Teacher of the Year! "


August 29 2016
"We believe it will be important that we share as much information as possible with our physicians and staff about the affiliation process, maintaining an open conversation throughout the process."

August 22 2016
"Although we are going through a time of unprecedented change in health care, we continue to maintain an unwavering commitment to the underserved. This is who we are and will continue to be."

August 09 2016
"In one instance, a patient’s spouse called the office in tears because of her husband’s increasing sciatica pain and the fact his original appointment was a full week away. Within minutes, one of the referral specialists called several offices and got a new appointment the next day. "

August 01 2016
"In 2015, 258 people in our state lost their lives to overdose, more than the number of homicides, motor vehicle accidents, and suicides combined."


July 25 2016
”As a result of the 25 Town Meetings held across all of our Care New England sites over the past month, we have also heard numerous questions about how we will integrate programs and departments across both systems, about whether there will be job loss, about how leadership changes will impact the local hospitals, and so on"

July 18 2016
"Last week we were very pleased to announce the formation of an exciting new graduate nursing residency program at the VNA of Care New England. Designed for newly licensed nurses, the nurse residency program is currently accepting applicants for its inaugural class this fall."

July 11 2016
"While we have been very successful with our biomedical research enterprise in Rhode Island, our hope is to move the needle on translational research, which is focused on doing basic research not just for discovery, but to change clinical care, clinical practice and community health."

July 05 2016
"My perfect summer day is taking a leisurely ferry ride to Block Island, a day at the beach and then sitting in the Adirondack chairs on the Spring House lawn, relaxing and taking in the view. "


June 27 2016
"Through our palliative care program has only been in existence for a few years, it has grown rapidly during that time, garnered interest nationwide and becoming a model for other hospitals and health systems."

June 20 2016
”Nothing is more rewarding than hearing about someone who has received care at one of our hospitals with life-changing results"

June 13 2016
”It’s quite impressive and you should be proud of yourselves and your colleagues as you set the bar for excellence that other organizations are modeling."

June 06 2016
"Across CNE, our most important goal is to make sure our patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place."


May 31 2016
"Care New England chose to affiliate with Memorial because we believe in its intrinsic value and the important contribution it makes to improving the health of thousands of patients every year. The care the Memorial team delivers is with compassion and a sense of purpose that is infectious and motivating."

May 23 2016
”With the focus on behavioral health, diabetes and heart disease, and maternal and child health, CNE is well positioned to play a key role in making a difference in our region"

May 16 2016
"Just what is the role of hospitals—and how far can they go holding a patient? In view of the stringent privacy laws around mental health treatment, what can friends and family members do to help a loved one in crisis."

May 09 2016
"We have come far at Care New England in advancing toward the new world of health care and payment reform, and I look forward to leading us to our next stage of advancement."

May 02 2016
"Use these occasions to join with us in thanking your colleagues and associates for the many contributions and the dedication that you all bring to the workplace."


April 25 2016
"I encourage each and every one of you to take 30 minutes out of your day to learn these skills which will undoubtedly help in interactions not only with patients and their families, but also with your own family, friends and colleagues."

April 18 2016
"In creating this Medicaid accountable care entity, we will be working to fulfill the promise of health care and payment reform: to improve health outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and reduce the overall cost of care."

April 11 2016
"One of the cornerstones of our research endeavors is our work improving the care and outcomes of high-risk pregnant women and newborns, especially very low birth weight infants."

April 04 2016
"We need to—and are—taking the necessary steps to prepare ourselves for the future."


March 28 2016
"Through all of this, we are trying our best to position Memorial and all of our Care New England organizations for a stronger future. Please stop and think about this. Our chances for success are maximized when we all pull together."

March 21 2016
"Ultimately, I hope we can get to a place where we can assure the viability of all of our organizations and address the need of patients of the Memorial community."

March 14 2016
"Rather than discuss and debate the reasons for our situation, let’s spend some time talking about how we may help each other and ourselves through this difficult time."

March 07 2016
"We are not surprised by the response playing out in the community, in news reports, in tweets and Facebook posts, but we are dismayed when the facts and the intentions around our plan are misunderstood."


February 29 2016
"The Care New England Board and senior leadership hope that we will be able to maintain a presence in northern Rhode Island and to continue the programs and services Memorial does best."

February 22 2016
"It’s no wonder that Butler and the Memory and Aging Program team are recognized worldwide for their contributions to the body of knowledge about Alzheimer’s and memory disorders."

February 15 2016
"The nurses caring for our patients around the clock are continuing to be educated at a higher level, taking on leadership roles with an increasing focus on patient safety and the coordination of patient care."

February 08 2016
"Our goal is to provide every patient the most optimal experience we can deliver. It is what our patients expect and what they deserve."

February 01 2016
"Care New England is seeking to reach patients who would benefit from palliative care in all possible settings, and hoping to help more patients engage their physicians in conversations about what matters to them most as they face advanced illness."


January 25 2016
"The VNA of Care New England and the people who make it what it is have consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, compassion, innovation and dedication, and I am confident this will continue."

January 19 2016
"What if we all focused on the good and performed random acts of kindness? What if we all asked ourselves, like Dr. King, what am I doing for others today."

January 11 2016
"We believe ensuring that members have immediate access to primary care will reduce unnecessary use of higher cost emergency rooms, while dramatically improving the patient experience."

January 04 2016
"A New Year’s resolution is all about beginnings and transitions and is either about letting go of an old habit or belief or adopting a new behavior or attitude."


December 28 2015
"We are very pleased to be able to help you maximize your opportunities for good health. There is nothing more important."

December 21 2015
" From the physicians and nurses to the therapists and nutritionists to the various types of facilities and administrative teams, everyone plays an important part in CNE’s ability to deliver high quality health care services. It’s our job."

December 14 2015
"Many of you have already begun thinking about projects that will qualify for next year. Be sure to document your data collection, analysis, outcomes and results—perhaps you and your team will be winners in 2016."

December 07 2015
"Going beyond the traditional “good day” I begin my column with each week, I’d like to acknowledge what was truly a “great day” for Care New England and many others focused on building collaborations within our communities that will ultimately result in high-quality, affordable health care for all Rhode Islanders."


November 30 2015
"As we strive to improve public health, we will continue to work both at the macro and micro levels. That is, both to understand and act on the big picture issues that affect the health of our local communities, as well as to deliver health that recognizes the needs of individual patients from each and every diverse background or orientation."

November 23 2015
"As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, let us each be thankful for the realization of what is truly most important in our lives."

November 16 2015
"If our two health systems come together, our new organization would become one of the region’s largest non-profit health care systems dedicated to the advancement of population health, the delivery of community-based care, and a commitment to academic medicine."

November 09 2015
"We have continued to build new services, recruit talented new providers into our organization, and mount exciting marketing campaigns to heighten awareness of our programs."

November 02 2015
"Up until now, young people who sought treatment were integrated into adult programs and found it difficult to relate as lifestyle, beliefs and worries greatly vary from generation to generation. Butler Hospital is out to change that."


October 26 2015
"As we continue to reduce costs, increase revenue generation, maximize care retention, and improve revenue cycle and supply chain functions, we know the work ahead will be difficult."

October 19 2015
"The nation's focus is shifting from inpatient to outpatient care, so hospitals need to see a shift in volume from occupied beds to less intensive settings."

October 13 2015
"Pain, loss, and deep trauma cause suffering and when that is denied, ignored, and not treated, individuals may turn to "solutions" at hand, including "self-medicating" through alcohol and more."

October 05 2015
"The inaugural focus of the institute's work will be on these three initiatives - autism, asthma, and nutrition and fitness - in which teams of researchers will develop innovative new solutions over the next six years."


September 28 2015
"By getting vaccinated, you not only protect yourself and your family, but reduce the chance of spreading flu to our patients."

September 21 2015
"Reducing the stress and suffering that preventable or untreated illness can cause to individuals and their families should be at the heart of what everyone of us at Care New England works to accomplish every day."

September 14 2015
"Your collective input will help to determine where we are as an organization, where we want to be, and how we get there."

September 08 2015
"Right now, along with other health care organizations, we are facing a national shortage of nurses that has left many critically needed nursing positions across all of our hospitals and agencies vacant."


August 31 2015
"Freedom from addiction is both a goal as well as a demanding and rewarding process."

August 24 2015
"Children and adolescents who are obese are likely to be obese as adults and are therefore more at risk for adult health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, several types of cancer, and osteoarthritis."

August 17 2015
"As we expand our program offerings in this critical area of medicine, we do so knowing that heart disease remains the single largest cause of death in the United States and Rhode Island."

August 11 2015
"Toward our future priorities, we will continue to develop our care management program and expand into two new product categories—Medicaid and commercial."

August 08 2015
"Now, we can be proud that staff has a physical location commensurate with their excellent care - and caring - which features more space, new technologies, enhanced privacy for patients, among many other patients."


July 27 2015
"If you think the transformation of health care in our community is some futuristic potential, think again. It is happening here, it is happening now. And, we are a part of it."

July 20 2015
"Addressing community issues such as poverty, unemployment, transportation, housing, access to healthy foods and other socioeconomic factors are the building blocks laying the foundation of population health."

July 13 2015
"Our experience in the past year will underscore that we have elected public policy officials who truly care about our state - and our industry."

July 06 2015
"The transformation to fully-leveraged electronic medical records remains crucial to the future of Care New England and the health care industry as a whole. While there continue to be challenges along the way, there is no doubt we are on the right path."


June 29 2015
"Summer is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy the longer days, the beauty of the world around us, the ocean that is a short distance away from all Rhode Islanders..."

June 22 2015
"The bottom line is this: how we code is essential to the care we deliver. What could be more important?"

June 15 2015
"It’s fitting to celebrate diversity just for diversity’s sake, learning about each other’s cultures, embracing differences that make a beautiful tapestry of community, savoring new tastes, sights and sounds."

June 08 2015
"Impressive results seem to be synonymous with so much of what we do."

June 01 2015
"This week, we round the bend on our commitment to the American Heart Association Providence Heart Walk which will be held Sunday, June 7, starting at Station Park in Providence."


May 26 2015
"The houses were a combination of wood and brick structures that now lay waste. People were clearly suffering and hungry. But, in spite of that, they were peaceful and patient."

May 18 2015
"You bring your hands, you extend a warm human touch, you exert yourselves to stock, stack, clean, carry and skillfully handle any number of bedside, front office or back room duties. You bring your hearts, you share in the joy of childbirth and cancer remission, you cry with patients and families as they grapple with life's hardships and transitions."

May 11 2015
"Every day began with a smile and each day ended with the comfort of knowing my life was in the hands of true health professionals."

May 04 2015
"Yesterday, I met Erica, a young woman who recently delivered a beautiful 34-week baby girl. That happens all the time at Women & Infants, right? But this is different."


April 27 2015
"As we seek to transform health care, it comes down to some basics about the way we ourselves would want to be treated, with caring, information and support."

April 20 2015
"Care New England is taking an active role in the deliberations and decisions around vital issues that will affect health care delivery and payment reform now and into the future."

April 13 2015
"As Care New England rallies to the mission of helping people get healthy and stay healthy, more increasingly we will need to focus on whether one has a health home, a safe community, a caring family, and meaningful work."

April 06 2015
"We have been focused on building a strong health care system that would be well positioned for the future."


March 30 2015
"For example, 'walking into a lamp post, initial encounter' is among the new diagnostic codes."