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Nursing Open House - March 21
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  1) Every Person, Every Time includes which components:
  CLAS, Code of Conduct, Standard Precautions
  AIDET, Teach-Back, A+ Service Recovery
  Patient Complaints, Patient Grievances, Patient Belongings
  Hand Hygiene, Standard Precautions, Occupational Health
  2) What does "AIDET" stands for?
  Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explain, and Thanks
  Assess, Introduce, Describe, Explain, and Thanks
  Acknowledge, Interview, Duration, Explain, and Thanks
  3) What do the letters of the A+ Service Recovery acronym stand for?
  Always Answer Angry Adults Angrily
  Acknowledge, Apologize, Act, Appreciate
  Always Avoid Angry Adults
  A form of teach back
  4) Please select an example of an effective apology
  I am sorry but we are working short staffed today.
  I am sorry but it is not part of my job.
  I am sorry but I am busy and can't help you.
  I am sorry you are upset, let’s see what we can do.
  5) Which of the following is a good example of an effective teach back question?
  I want to be sure I explained everything clearly. Can you please explain it back to me so I can be sure?
  Can you tell me in your own words how often and when you need to use your asthma puffer?
  Can you show me how you would use your walker when rising from a chair?
  All of the above