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Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Your surgical journey at Care New England Center for Joint Replacement
Surgery is customized to meet the needs of you and your family. Throughout every
step, the members of your care team communicate with each other to ensure that all
of your needs are met. Our top priorities are your comfort and safety.


What is a Total Joint Replacement


 A total joint replacement is a surgery during which the surgeon reconstructs your joint with an artificial one called a prosthesis. The most common total joint replacements are the knee and hip. The procedures are performed on diseased or damaged joints by removing and replacing damaged portions of bone and cartilage.


When is the right time to have Joint Replacement Surgery


 Once cartilage starts to wear thin in your joints and the pain of arthritis sets in, it can change the way you live. The pain and stiffness in your knees or hips may become difficult to manage and it may even stop you from doing the things you love like exercising, playing with your kids or pets, or even just walking up the stairs.

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What to expect 

1 - Preoperative Assessment

Our Orthopedic Care Nurse Liaison will visit you at home prior to surgery to see what obstacles you might face when you return—stairs, throw rugs, steep driveways, etc.—and what assistive devices you might need to help you bathe, use the toilet or dress. The liaison will also work with you to address any risk factors and provide access to any resources needed such as smoking cessation and nutrition support.

2 - Prehab Appointment

Most patients benefit from a prehab appointment during which a physical therapist evaluates your physical readiness for surgery and prepares you for the rehab process after your joint replacement.

3 - Presurgery Classes

We have found that the patients who have the most success after their total joint replacement surgery are the ones who are the most prepared. We offer presurgery classes to help you and your caregiver know how to prepare for surgery, what your recovery will be like and much more.

Total Joint Replacement Surgery

4 - Preadmission Testing (PAT)

Your PAT appointment will be scheduled two to three weeks before surgery for preoperative testing, which may include lab work, EKGs and X-rays.

5 - Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery, you will have time to speak to your surgeon as well as meet your anesthesiologist. At that time, you will confirm which anesthetic best meets your individual needs. Rest assured, you will not feel any pain during the surgery or be more awake than is necessary.

6 - Hospital Stay

After surgery you will stay in the hospital for one or two days while our physical therapists work with you to begin regaining use of your joint.

7 - Home

Once you go home, specialists from the VNA of Care New England will visit you to continue working on exercises to restore your strength and get you back to your normal level of activity.

8 - Outpatient Physical Therapy

When you have been cleared by your surgeon, we will transition you to one of our preferred outpatient clinics to continue with physical therapy. Your progress will be shared with the outpatient therapist and they will keep your surgeon up to date on your progress throughout your treatment. Physical therapy will help you increase range of motion and strength in your new joint, help lower your pain, and will make sure you get your independence back.