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April 2013 - Help Seniors Age Gracefully

Injury on the Brain

They’ve raised children and sometimes grandchildren. They’ve fought in wars, race riots and walked picket lines battling for fair wages. Whole lives have been spent taking care of those around them in the way that loved ones do.

But, what happens when the seniors in our lives need our help? With our busy schedules – one or two jobs, children with activities, and various other commitments – how can we make their lives easier, safer and happier as they slow down?

Being aware of the multitude of services available to seniors and their families is a good start. Care New England offers a wide range of clinical and behavioral health services geared toward the needs of men and women over the age of 65. In addition, the VNA of Care New England has a full constellation of services provided at the individual’s home.

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At the same time, Care New England has joined a unique national endeavor called The Conversation Project that helps caregivers and physicians begin the discussion of end-of-life care and wishes with people before they reach the end of their lives. As part of this initiative, the system has also appointed a director of palliative care to help meet the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and related needs of patients of all ages dealing with incurable and/or terminal illnesses.

Let’s face it - their hands picked us up when we were learning to walk, they shed as we reached milestones, and they provided the approval we sought as we made life’s major decisions. Now that they are aging, our hands and hearts can return the caring gestures.

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 The Conversation Project

Care New England has joined a national Initiative to better prepare health care providers to receive and respect patients' wishes about end-of-life care. Learn more about The Conversation Project.

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