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May 2013 - Get your body moving

Get your body moving

Get outside and get your body moving

After a long New England winter, spring just beckons us outside where we can see plants sprouting and blooming, enjoy daylight well after suppertime, and enjoy walking, running, biking or any number of other activities.

Indoor exercising is great when the weather is miserable or even when your schedule is difficult, but there's nothing like getting outside and getting your body moving. The Vitamin D from the sun (don't forget your sunblock!) is a natural mood enhancer and breathing in all that fresh air is a sure way to get a better night's sleep.

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Remember, any amount of exercise is good for you. Try a walk around the neighborhood to say hi to the people you haven't seen all winter, or hit one of the state's walking or bike trails. Maybe you're feeling ambitious enough to bike to work. If you're pregnant, you can still exercise, but you just have to modify your routine.

If spring allergies are hampering your desire to be outside, see the tips from our experts on dealing with the sneezing and watery eyes.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sneaks, water bottle and sunscreen and get your body moving.
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 Sunshine and Healthy Minds 

The key in reaping the emotional and mental benefits of sunshine is moderation and protection against the potential harms of the sun.

Sunshine and Healthy Minds

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