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Welcome to the Care New England 

Volunteer Corps Page!

As a volunteer member of the Care New England Health System, this site is your resource for important documents and programming updates. It will also serve as a place to stay connected with initiatives that go beyond a particular role or position in your operating unit. We hope the information posted here helps to unite us in our mission- driven work together.

If you are new to the program your intake will be supported by the documents below. We are pleased to have you working with us as partners in our community’s health!

For new volunteers, the on-boarding process involves 5 steps. These include:

Step 1:Your Volunteer Application has been submitted and reviewed by the Coordinator of volunteers at your Operating Unit.

Step 2: You will review the First Look Orientation Package which includes most of the core information needed to work with Care New England (CNE). Additional training may be required based upon your specific role. After finishing the First Look material, you will complete the First Look Post-Test to let us know you understand this important information. Test results will be submitted electronically to the site with which you will be working.  

Step 3: The Every Person, Every Time Program (EPET) is used across CNE to enhance the patient experience. Regardless of where patients go for treatment and services we want to ensure a systematic and consistent approach to supporting them in a positive manner and addressing concerns when things do not go as they had planned. Please take 30 minutes to review the Every Person, Every Time (EPET) Webinar, below. When you complete the Every Person, Every Time Post-Test, we will know that you have learned the key components of this important program.

Every Person, Every Time Webinar

Step 4: You need to complete the Health Screening required of every person working within CNE. To complete this process, take the CNE Volunteer Health Record to the Occupational Health Office supporting this process at your Operating Unit. Bring any immunization records and/or TB testing referenced on that form when you go to your scheduled appointment. Here is the location and contact information for scheduling your appointment with Occupational Health. Health Screening must be completed within 3 weeks of starting intake.

Step 5: As you complete your Health Screening, before you can get your ID badge, you will need to have a criminal background check conducted through CNE. Staff in Volunteer Services will send you a link to our Bureau of Criminal Investigation vendor to complete the process. Please send us your Middle Name and Date of Birth in an email so we can initiate this.

Once you have completed on-boarding, your ID Badge will be approved and you can access it at your site. Please be sure to follow the instructions from the staff at your facility on how to maintain an active status with Volunteer Services. WELCOME!

Questions? Contact Volunteer Services at your designated Operating Unit.

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