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Collaboration = Innovation
A discussion on transforming the future of health care through design

Transformation is happening every day in the health care industry, and Care New England has boldly pledged to be forging ahead, "transforming the future of health care." This evolution must happen on many levels in order to deliver the best possible care for our patients and their families.

One area receiving increased attention is design – creating an environment and a health care experience that innovatively looks at elements such as the sounds echoing in an operating room, the texture of cloth in a johnny, or the images used on wayfinding signage.

On August 28th, the leadership forum at Care New England sponsored at networking event which gathered health care professionals, industrial design experts and community leaders with students and alumni of  Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  Presenteres from RISD specialized in a variety of areas from understanding the relationship of sound to patient experience and improving the rehabilitation process for those with cerebral palsy.

The event's goal was to use design and health as a means of stimulating conversations.  Presenters Elio Icaza Milson, Amy Goldfeder, and Aidan Petrie, all either former or current students of RISD, achieved just that as they enlightened their audience on the innovative ways design can positively impact patient satisfaction.  As the presentations commenced the Butler auditorium was filled with dialouge as industry leaders and designers strove to find collaboration opportunities and exchange ideas.

 Collaboration = Innovation   Collaboration = Innovation 
Gibson exhibits her phone application; The app was designed to track emotions, thus enhancing the dialouge betweeen psychologists and their patients     Andrew Rosa of Care New England welcomes his collagues and RISD thought leaders to the Collaboration = Innovation event.
 Collaboration = Innovation    Collaboration = Innovation
A full room listens to Elio Icaza Milson discuss how design impacts physicans ability to be empathetic towards patients.   Mike Esordi, CNE leadership member, stands alongside the event's presenters.
 Collaboration = Innovation    Collaboratin = Innovation
Kent Hospital CEO, Sandy Coletta, enthusiastically speaks on how collaborative efforts are helping to transform the future of health care.   CNE employess network with RISD students regarding using design to enhance electronic medical records.


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