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Health Tip: Avoid Food-Safety Mistakes

Don't taste anything to make sure it's still edible
(HealthDay News) -- Do the wrong thing while you're preparing food, and you and your family could become sick.
The Foodsafety.gov website mentions these common food-safety mistakes:
Never taste food to see if it's still good, because you may not be able to taste or smell germs. Instead, throw food out after it expires. Never put cooked meat on the same plate you used for raw meat. Never thaw food on the counter. Instead thaw in the refrigerator, microwave or cold water. Don't wash meat, poultry or eggs. Doing so may spread harmful bacteria. Always refrigerate food within two hours of cooking or eating. Never eat foods that contain raw eggs, such as cookie dough. Make sure meat, eggs, seafood or poultry are thoroughly cooked. Always wash your hands!
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