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Health Headlines

 Nerve Blocking Procedure Fails to Impress in Weight Loss Study
Modest reduction not significantly better than diet drugs or other surgeries

 More Global Help Needed to Fight Ebola Outbreak
Window of opportunity to stop its spread closing, CDC and WHO say

 'Pot Addiction' May Be Real, Study Suggests
Many teen marijuana users exhibited withdrawal symptoms when they tried to quit, researchers say

 'Spare Tire' May Be Especially Bad for Your Blood Pressure
Weight gain around the middle was key to rising risk for hypertension, study found

 Action-Packed TV a Threat to Your Waistline?
Viewers of fast-paced films filled up on more snacks, study found

 ADHD Medications Won't Stunt Kids' Growth, Study Finds
Research suggests that stimulant drugs don't affect adult height

 Booze, Pot Bad for Teens in Different Ways, Study Suggests
Drinking tied to unsafe driving, marijuana use linked to poorer academics, job performance

 Daily Exercise May Halve Risk for Heart Failure, Study Says
Higher levels of activity reap greater benefits, researchers find

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