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Health Headlines

 FDA Approves New Type 2 Diabetes Drug
Jardiance works by boosting excretion of sugar from the kidneys, agency says

 Jardiance Approved for Type 2 Diabetes
Blocks re-absorption of blood sugar by kidneys

 Ebola Patient to Be Flown to U.S. for Treatment
Unnamed individual will be cared for in specially designed isolation unit, Atlanta hospital says

 Expert Offers School Bus Safety Tips
Almost 140 children and adults die every year in school transportation accidents

 Two Americans With Ebola Will Be Evacuated to United States
State Dept. says transfer to U.S. hospital will be done under strict protocols to ensure safety

 Obesity Might Slow You Down at Work
Heavier people, no matter what age, may have less endurance in manufacturing jobs, study suggests

 Many Doctors Recommend E-Cigarettes as Anti-Smoking Aid, Survey Finds
Two-thirds of physicians thought they could help smokers quit, and a third recommended them

 'Ice Man' Mummy May Have Been at Risk of Heart Disease
5,000-year-old remains found in Alps glacier contain DNA indicating increased cardiovascular risk

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