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Ongoing Events
 Alcoholics Anonymous Women's Meeting
 Compulsive Hoarding Support Group
 Manic Depressive & Depressive Assoc...
 Narcotics Anonymous; self-help group
 ACLS Initial
 ACLS Renewal
 Breast Cancer Support Group
 Breastfeeding Class - Kent
 Comprehensive Medical Terminology
 CPR Healthcare Provider Basic Life ...
 Infant Care Class
 Kids Choose to be Healthy
 New Faculty and Student Orientation...
 Prepared Childbirth Class
 Stroke Hope to Cope Club
 CNE Wellness Center
 Cardiac Maintenance
 Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program
 Diabetes Outpatient Education (DOE)
 Healthy Steps To Losing Weight
 Massage Therapy
 Women & Infants
 ABC All Day Childbirth - W & I
 All Day Childbirth Class - E. Green...
 All Day Childbirth Class - W & I
 Artistic Groups and Workshops
 Artistic Groups and Workshops
 Babysitting Academy - E. Greenwich
 Babysitting Academy - W & I
 Babysitting Academy - Woonsocket
 Babysitting Camp - E. Greenwich
 Babysitting Camp - W & I
 Babysitting Camp - Woonsocket
 Breast Cancer Support Group
 Breastfeeding Class - E. Greenwich
 Breastfeeding Class - W & I
 Caring For You and Your Infant - W ...
 Childbirth Preparation Series - W & I
 CPR for Family & Friends - E. Green...
 CPR for Family & Friends - W & I
 Create Your Weight Nutrition Wellne...
 Crohn's Disease and Colitis Support...
 Expressive Arts Group
 Financial Workshop
 Grandparent Class - W & I
 GYN Cancer Support Group
 Heartsaver CPR AED - W & I
 Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR ...
 Hospital Tour (Free) - W & I
 Hypnosis for Anxiety Relief - East ...
 Hypnosis for Weight Mastery - East ...
 Image Update - East Greenwich
 Image Update - Woonsocket
 Kids Talk
 Lymphedema Support Group
 Marvelous Multiples (Childbirth for...
 Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Gr...
 Miscarriage, Infant Death and Still...
 New Mother's Group--Providence
 Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds
 Planned Cesarean Birth Class - W & I
 Pregnancy After Loss (P.A.L.S.) Sup...
 Sibling - Preschool Class - W & I
 Sibling - School Age Class - W & I
 Sibling - Toddlers Class - W & I
 Spa Escape - East Greenwich
 Spa Escape - Woonsocket
 Take Off Pounds Sensibly (T.O.P.S.)
 Transitions: Life After Cancer
 Yoga (Evening) - E. Greenwich
 Yoga - Program in Women's Oncology
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