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When I got a concussion during a basketball game, all I wanted was to get back into everything as soon as I could. But I had horrible headaches, dizziness and light sensitivity.

Luckily my Mom took me to see Dr. Manning at the Care New England Comprehensive Sports Concussion Center. They have a whole team of experts like sports medicine specialists, neurologists, speech therapists and physical therapists who treat people with concussions.  

Dr. Manning was great. He walked me through every step of the process, let me know how long it would take to recover and what steps I had to take to get better.  

He even worked with my teachers at school.  

Every year, millions of Americans like me suffer a sports-related concussion but a lot of them never get the treatment they should. When someone asks me, I tell them to get it taken care of so it doesn’t become worse.  

It worked for me. I’m back at school and playing field hockey again. 

-Samantha Licciardi, patient

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