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Our mission is to be your partner in health by building an exemplary health care system. One way to achieve that success is to ensure that we hire, develop, and retain the most capable, competent, creative, and compassionate workforce. Workforce development is a new approach focusing on sustainability, scalability, and standardization to support a system. CNE’s Workforce Development Program is dedicated to hiring and retaining a strong, dedicated, and creative workforce. It takes a holistic and systematic approach to foster quality talent to enhance the patient and family experience, supports the current and future workforce needs, and provides a professionally enriching environment. Our systematic approach aims to foster quality talent while maintaining a professionally enriching environment.

The initiative is comprised of multiple important elements.

  • Talent Pipeline – A pool of candidates who are qualified to assume open positions that have been newly created or vacated through retirement or promotion.
  • Workforce Council – A collaboration of all stakeholders that ensures the direction of the talent pipeline is aligned to the current and future workforce demands.
  • Talent Assessment Subset – Talent assessment tools for managers to evaluate, capture and record information about their teams; including performance ratings, leadership capability, potential, turnover risk, succession, succession readiness, strengths, development needs and actions.
  • Career Navigation Model(s) – Career ladder and lattice functions within CNE with career mapping collaboration for high potential, high performers identified with talent assessment.
  • Current Career Opportunities – The identification of critical vacant roles and how they are being sourced, recruited, developed and retained.
  • Workforce Forecasting – A comprehensive quarterly data analysis to project the short and long-term workforce demands throughout development.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - A culture of inclusion defined by fairness, respect, and equity where diverse thoughts, experiences and perspectives of our employees contribute to organizational success.