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Residential Case Manager, Overnight - Atwood Group Home

The Providence Center - Behavioral Health Job ID: 0256

Sat & Sun 11pm-7am
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Job Description
Provide psycho-social rehab services in order to facilitate program goals and objectives in a quality care approach.

The overnight shift begins at 11p-7am.  During this shift the following responsibilities are a part of this position. Some tasks are completed daily, weekly or monthly. The individual house manager will assign these tasks accordingly. This is a guide to assist in the completion of these tasks. Some may not apply to some programs, and others may have additional ones. To be determined by the house manager.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Monthly Duties Include but are not limited to:

• Temperature Logs; filled out daily, at the end of the month to be faxed to Sue Pimental in facilities 401-383-8607, and new ones are to be placed on all refrigerators and freezers.

• Monitor client taking medications/prn as needed.

• Medication Sign Off sheets. At the end of the month all medication sheets need to be send to HIS to be placed in the EMR. New monthly sheets need to be placed in the medication book.

• Check the COs, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lights and change the batteries in the carbon monoxide detectors if needed (at daylight savings times). Fax or Email the checklist to Sue Pimental in facilities 401-383-8607.

• Check the monthly safety calendar for any emergency drills that are to be held on your shift. This includes in fire drills. All drills need to be emailed or faxed to Sue Pimental in facilities 401-383-8607.

Weekly Duties Include but are not Limited To:

• Laundry to be done nightly or as needed.
• Run the washer machine empty in hot water with bleach to disinfect and sanitize it. Wipe down the exterior of the washer and dryer.

• Dust the baseboards in the community rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and other common areas.
• Dust the door jambs and window frames in all common areas.
• Wash the outside of all fridges, and freezers.
• Wash down and clean out fridges. Throw away any food that is not properly stored, or marked. If older than 5 days throw it away. Wash all the shelves and drawers.
• Wash down the outside of the dishwasher.
• Wash down the outside of the stove, and oven.
• Clean the vent above the stove. Dust the hood.
• Wash the windows on the exterior doors, remove finger prints and smudges. Use a sani wipe on all the door knobs.
• Clean outside cupboards, wash them down and remove any stuck on food. Organize the interior of the cupboards. Throw away any food that is not properly stored, or has expired.
• Reorganize all bathroom cabinets, make sure they are stocked with the proper cleaning products, gloves and sponges/brushes. Note: Do not store bleach/ammonia with other cleaning products.
• Organize the desk drawers. Make sure pens have caps, pencils are sharp. All scrap paper is either thrown away, or neatly stored for future use.

Daily Duties include but are not limited to:
• Discuss the shift with second shift staff, discuss any concerns, discuss any plans that you need to be aware of.
• Check Email for important information from your direct supervisor and TPC. And send your 1st email to let your direct supervisor know you have started your shift.
• Email every hour after that with a detailed report of what has been occurring on the shift. For example if a client needed assistance of any kind. Especially those who need waking up to utilize the restroom.
• Do a walk around the house to check on where about of clients, whose asleep and whose awake.
• Pick up any loose items left around the house and put them with appropriate bedroom and client. 
• Check the temperature logs for all fridges and freezers.
• Clean the bathrooms: including the sink, mirror, and toilet. Wash out the tub and clean the mat. Hang it to dry in the shower. Sweep the floor and wash. Also change out the trash bag.
• Stock for toilet paper and paper towels. Also check the soap dispensers and hand sanitizers, refill when necessary.
• Remove any personal hygiene products.
• Clean the office, change out the trash, vacuum. Remove any unneeded paperwork form the desk. Put in the appropriate case manager box.
• Wipe down all desks with sani wipe and door knobs.
• Follow all TPC policies regarding safety. Do not allow clients to leave the property before 7am. Unless in an emergency.
• Complete all daily logs, incident reports and progress notes as needed.
• Communicate with next shift about any concerns regarding your shift. And alert them to any clients that are already up and what they are doing, ie hygiene, smoking a cigarette etc…..

Provide case management and support to consumers.
-Treat consumers with respect.
-Provide support counseling, problem solving, contracts and limit setting. 
-Assist consumer in deciding which areas they want to address.
-Assist and monitor the group home consumers with basic medical procedures and hygiene needs.
-Encourage consumers to attain the highest possible levels of independence.
-Accept the values and lifestyles of consumers.
-Use a flexible approach with a diverse population.

Make assessments and provide appropriate crisis interventions and risk management as needed to maintain a calm and safe environment.
-Assess consumers' unmet needs (psychological, physical, housing, psychiatric).
-Identify, assess and respond to crisis situations.
-Use a flexible approach with a diverse population.

-Use a step-by-step process when teaching skills.
-Use positive reinforcement and encouragement.
-Maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment at all times.
-Perform household duties as needed.
-Complete required interagency and other necessary paperwork.
-Provide and maintain a home atmosphere.
-Monitor confidentiality in accordance with Center policy and legal requirements.
-Follow required office procedures in a cooperative manner.
-Initiate and process incident reports as per Center guidelines.
-Adhere to Infection Control protocols.

Maintain cooperative relationships with Center staff, consumers, and the public.
-Work in cooperation with co-workers and supervisory staff.
-Deal with team members regarding problems in a constructive manner.
-Accepts and uses direction and supervision.
-Benefits from constructive criticism.

Attend trainings, case presentations and conferences.
-Provide feedback to staff on the content of educational programs attended.
-Attend mandatory in-service trainings and other trainings required.
Required Education
Associate's degree in Human Services.  Bachelor’s degree preferred. Experience in residential facilities preferred. Must have valid driver's license and insured auto.
Application Method
Apply Online

It is the policy of CNE to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, genetic information, veterans status or disability.