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“Having bariatric surgery has changed my outlook on life all together. I not only look different, but I feel healthier. I feel more energized and more importantly people always say to me how happy I look. I lose my mother in March, who was my biggest supporter, and I didn’t think I could finish this journey without her. But I found it in myself to do it and move closer to my goal.

What did I do once I hit my goal? I went to Disney World with my best friend. I rode a roller coaster and was not afraid if I would fit in the ride. I rode on an airplane and did not worry if I would have to ask for a seat belt extender.

This surgery has changed my life in so many ways and I could not have asked for a better surgeon or a better medical office than The Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Care New England.”






“Having weight loss surgery was the best thing I could have done! My main objective was to be able to really play with my grandchildren. Now instead of thinking "I can't because..." I think "Come on! What are we waiting for!"


Susan Before


Susan After


“An outline for the stages I went through during the process with the hopes of motivating others:


Thank you to Dr. Giovanni and Jocelynn Cobb for saving my life.”


Jane Before


Jane After


“All my life, I have never been lean, slim, or thin. Being naturally built bigger, I knew I would never be skinny. I felt I could lead an active lifestyle but – having surpassed 400 lbs. – the reality was that my weight prevented me from doing the many things my heart desired. Things like skydiving, riding a roller coaster, etc. were physically out of reach.

Since having gastric bypass surgery my life has improved dramatically in so many ways. When I get on an airplane I can put the table down in front of me and use only 1 seatbelt! I’ve checked off several of my life long goals. I have been indoor rock climbing, skydived, surfed, and I even summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, which was a major bucket list item.

I am days away from my 2-year surgical anniversary (as of 2017) and I am the healthiest I have ever been in my adult life. I have very few food limitations and, while my portions are small, they are no longer freakishly small; for the most part I can eat just like anyone else. I am a happier person all around.

I now enjoy a much better quality of life and will forever be grateful. Thank you to Dr. Giovanni and her team for the expert care that to me back to what I deem to be a very full life!”


Luis Before


Luis After
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